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The Role Of Field Sales Software In Establishing Seamless Communication With On-Field Agents


The objective of a business is not profit, rather it is a happy and satisfied customer base. When customers are happy and satisfied, profit is sure to follow the loop. Businesses explore various practices to do things in a way that will find acceptance and appreciation among clients. But when it comes to field services, lack of visibility limits down the communication transparency as well.

While the irony is that when it comes to field services seamless communication is required between back-office and field-agents to ensure that all are taking the responsibility of their respective roles, which is very necessary for keeping the service cycle running. Because of communication gaps, often there is a delay in service delivery.

Field Sales Software is one powerful tool that can simplify and smoothen the communication process with the field agents. It functions as a more reliable, flexible, and real-time communication mode that also helps in increasing the efficiency of the field workers.

Listed below are the key points describing why seamless communication is needed in fieldwork and how a Field Sales Software helps in making the communication seamless.

Effective Communication with/about the Customers: For customers, field agents are the face of the company. So, it is imperative for the field agents to get the complete details of the customers, so that field agents can become more prepared to attend the clients and bring-in a personal touch in their mode of conversation, also become more competent to answer the customer queries.

Getting field sales mobile apps installed in the smart devices of all field agents, reminders/updates/notifications, etc. can be sent on real-time basis even when the agents or the managers are on the go. Using the job scheduling features of the software, even new service requests can be assigned to a field agent by referring to his existing work schedule and travel route.


In this way the job automatically gets assigned to a field agent who is nearby the location of a new job request. Once the job is assigned, automatically, the field agent gets the notifications regarding customer's details, other necessary information like tools and material required, service history, quotations etc/.   

Field Sales CRM is also effective in streamlining communication with customers. Using the CRM not just their service requests can be captured but also, they can be sent regular updates on the service status. This way customers can be kept informed about any new changes as well.

Effective Communication with the Back Office: Field agents need to stay in continuous communication with the back office as well. While on the field they may need any document, or may need the guidance of their seniors, or may require to set a communication regarding their personal administrative tasks such as reimbursement claim, etc. All such communication can be channelized via field sales management software, which functions as a centralized data repository as well. All the company-related data is stored in this repository and anyone can access it on a real-time basis from anywhere and anytime. There is complete transparency on who is accessing what data. Even the mail trails among employees can be tracked.

Managing field services without the aid a Field sales management software will be a highly complex affair. It simplifies the communication process by cutting dependency on each other and bringing in everything to a centralized location, which can be accessed by one and all and thus can be monitored easily.

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